Quick Setup

1. Configure Account

Before JamCart can work, you will need to connect your account to a payment processor and whitelist the domains you intend to use. This second step is critical for your security.

2. Install JamCart

On every page where JamCart should operate, include this script tag:

<script type="module" data-currency="{ CURRENCY_CODE }" data-id="{ YOUR_ACCOUNT_ID }" src="https://js.jamcart.io/v1/jamcart.js"></script>

You can find your account id and supported currencies in configuration for your account.

3. List Products

For each item you wish to sell, create a link to allow your customers to add it to their cart. The simplest form is:

<jamcart-add name="Your product name" price="10.99"></jamcart-add>

A complete list of parameters and options can be found under Add Products.

4. Link to Cart

Customers need to be able to open their shopping cart in order to checkout. We recommend you add this link to your main layout:


Customization options can be found under Cart Summary.